Pavement Sealer Questions

How soon can new pavement be sealcoated?

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Newly paved asphalt surfaces should not be sealcoated until they have sufficient time to cure. Curing allows the excess oils that are always present in new asphalt pavements to diminish through a process called oxidation. This process can take 6-12 months, depending on the percentage of oil present in the new pavement. We usually recommend

Will sealer smooth out or level asphalt surfaces?

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No. Compare asphalt sealing to staining or painting a wood deck. When a deck is stained or painted, the wood surface does not change. The same is true with asphalt sealer. In fact, sealer will most likely enhance any minor surface defects that are present (show greater contrast between smooth and rough sections of the

Are all brands of pavement sealers the same?

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Absolutely not! Store bought materials cannot compare to the high quality commercial grade materials used by Black Pearl Sealcoating. All consumers should do their homework to ensure contractors are using a commercial grade material that meets all Federal specifications. The material should include additives that increase the toughness, flexibility, and durability of the coating. Our