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We want you to be informed about your sealcoating experience. So be aware of some commonly-asked questions. Please remember to contact us and we would be happy to provide more detailed information or a specific estimate.

Pavement Sealer Questions

Do I need to be home for Black Pearl Sealcoating?2018-02-15T16:01:23-06:00

No, you do not need to be present for any of our services. Since your driveway is easily accessible, we can prepare and seal your driveway while you are at work or on vacation. Just be sure that there are no vehicles, etc. left on the driveway and any automatic sprinklers are deactivated the night before any work is scheduled.

How soon can new pavement be sealcoated?2018-02-15T16:00:55-06:00

Newly paved asphalt surfaces should not be sealcoated until they have sufficient time to cure. Curing allows the excess oils that are always present in new asphalt pavements to diminish through a process called oxidation. This process can take 6-12 months, depending on the percentage of oil present in the new pavement. We usually recommend that a new asphalt pavement cure one year. This ensures that the surface will be properly cured when pavement sealer is applied.

Will sealer smooth out or level asphalt surfaces?2018-02-15T16:00:28-06:00

No. Compare asphalt sealing to staining or painting a wood deck. When a deck is stained or painted, the wood surface does not change. The same is true with asphalt sealer. In fact, sealer will most likely enhance any minor surface defects that are present (show greater contrast between smooth and rough sections of the asphalt).

My pavement has some low spots/depressions that hold water; will sealer fix this?2018-02-15T16:00:07-06:00

No; pavement sealer is a surface coating and will not fill depressions or holes in the asphalt pavement. These types of repairs should be performed in advance by saw-cutting the low area, rebuilding the foundation and installing new hot-asphalt.

Are all brands of pavement sealers the same?2018-02-15T15:59:39-06:00

Absolutely not! Store bought materials cannot compare to the high quality commercial grade materials used by Black Pearl Sealcoating. All consumers should do their homework to ensure contractors are using a commercial grade material that meets all Federal specifications. The material should include additives that increase the toughness, flexibility, and durability of the coating. Our product is continuously agitated to maintain consistency of the sealer throughout the application process. Black Pearl Sealcoating applies Sealmaster products; Sealmaster is a member of the A.S.M.A. (Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association). SealMaster adheres to the strict A.S.M.A. standard specifications in manufacturing their material. Feel free to visit the following link for more information: www.SealMaster.net.

What if it rains after I seal?2018-02-15T15:58:43-06:00

Generally, sealer will dry enough to stand up to rain within just a couple of hours. If rain should wash out the sealer, we will return and re-apply the sealer at no cost.

How long do I need to stay off my driveway after it is sealed?2018-02-15T15:58:22-06:00

In full sunlight exposure, you can walk on your driveway in 2-4 hours. You may drive on it after 24 hours. In the spring and fall, 48 hours is recommended. If the weather is very humid or cloudy, an additional 24 hours is recommended. After the Black Pearl team finishes applying the pavement sealer, we will block the entrance with barricade tape. Although it dries in 24-48 hours, it takes 30 days to cure, so please avoid harsh chemicals or turning tires without the car moving!

What time of year is best for sealcoating?2018-03-23T16:20:39-05:00

The sealcoating season typically runs from May through October (depending on weather). Some assume that the fall is the best time for sealing; this is a myth. Any time during the warm weather season is fine.

How long does it take?2018-02-15T15:57:23-06:00

It depends on the cleaning and repairs. The average driveway with NO repairs can usually be sealed in about an hour.

How do you apply the sealer?2018-02-15T15:57:05-06:00

We utilize carbon fiber brushes.

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Crack Repair Questions

Is the crack filler visible through the sealcoat?2018-02-15T16:04:44-06:00

Yes, you will be able to see the crack fill through the sealcoat, because the texture of the crack fill is smoother than the texture of the asphalt. This is unavoidable if you want your driveway protected.

How soon can pavement sealer be applied to hot crack filler?2018-03-23T16:21:57-05:00

Pavement sealer can be applied to hot-pour crack filler almost immediately! Hot-pour crack filler usually cools enough to apply sealcoating within 5-10 minutes.

Why isn’t the hot-pour crack filler completely hardened?2018-02-15T16:04:08-06:00

After it has been applied and allowed to cool, hot-pour crack filler remains flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with the outside air temperature. If you press it with your finger, it will flex. It you park on it with your car tires, it will temporarily retain the tread pattern. This is normal for this type of material.

What is hot-pour crack filler?2018-02-22T15:07:12-06:00

Hot-pour crack filler is a flexible, rubber-like commercial-grade product that is used to repair cracks in asphalt pavements. It starts out as a solid, rubber block that is melted down in a special kettle and heated to 400 degrees. Once melted, the crack filler is applied over cracks and hardens up deep inside the crack, keeping water from penetrating the asphalt (which causes further crack development).

We had our pavement crack filled and some of the cracks re-opened?2018-02-15T16:03:27-06:00

This happens due to the freeze/thaw cycles in the Midwest. Cracks may re-open. Crack filler is not a permanent solution, but a time-buying procedure that cannot be guaranteed. Crack filling tends to be a yearly maintenance.

Will snowplows damage the sealcoat surface?2018-02-15T16:03:06-06:00

Yes, snowplows can scratch the surface. It is important to communicate with your plow contractor. Loaders can damage the surface with excessive down pressure. Rubber blades should be used. If pavement has white scratches, we can touch up these areas.

Are crack repairs permanent repairs?2018-02-15T16:02:21-06:00

Usually not. Cracks are filled more than repaired. If a repaired/filled crack continues to grow or flex, the repair or filler will open. Changes in temperature will cause the asphalt to expand and contract, and will cause cracks to open back up. CRACK REPAIRS DO NOT ELIMINATE THE CAUSE OF THE DEFECT BUT RATHER SLOW DOWN THE DETERIORATION PROCESS.

Can pavement sealer fill cracks in the pavement?2018-02-15T16:01:59-06:00

No, pavement sealer will not fill cracks in the pavement. Cracks come in many sizes, and we offer different solutions depending on the size. Once pavement damage has started, it tends to progress at an increasing rate. The sooner problems are addressed, the greater cost savings are achieved.

Line Striping Questions

Can I change to a different striping layout?2018-03-23T16:22:50-05:00

Yes, we can change your line-striping layout if you wish. This will generally require that the area be sealcoated before applying a new layout.  A word of caution: the old layout will most likely still have a dark, shadow-like outline under the sealcoating.

I would like the same striping layout after sealcoating. Is this possible?2018-03-23T16:22:32-05:00

Yes, we can replace your existing line striping layout exactly where it was before sealcoating. Parking stalls, fire lanes, no parking, vehicle travel lanes, and directional travel areas help to efficiently direct travelers.

Other Questions

Do you offer paving services?2018-02-22T15:10:35-06:00

Although we are specifically a sealcoating company, we can offer some paving solutions on a limited basis.

How do I pay for services?2018-02-15T16:06:16-06:00

Residential customers are billed and expected to pay for services on the same day of completion. Payment can be made in the form of cash or a check. Commercial customers please refer to your project contract.

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