We called Black Pearl Sealcoating and 2 other companies to get estimates to sealcoat our driveway. Not only did Black Pearl have the best quote, but we had to wait 2 and a half weeks for the other companies to give us estimates. Needless to say, we went with Black Pearl and are very happy we did.

Jerry M., Arlington Heights

We recently moved into our new home this past year. Our driveway, appearing old and neglected, was high on our list of things we needed to address so I arranged a meeting with Black Pearl Sealcoating to find out what our options were. When Mike arrived at our home he impressed me right away with his courteousness and honesty. He assured me that, though I had my doubts, replacement wouldn’t be necessary and that our driveway’s condition would be improved considerably with some patchwork and sealcoating. Mike was true to his word. I really didn’t think our driveway could turn out so good. And I was worried we might have to replace our entire driveway! Wow what an improvement! Thanks Mike.

Tina D., Inverness
We were a little hesitant to use a company we didn’t know to seal our driveway, but judging by our overall experience with Black Pearl Sealcoating, we’re sure glad we did. Joe and Mike were very easy to work with, and they did everything they said they were going to do. Very professional!
Rebecca W, Elmhurst
Last winter took a very heavy toll on my parking lot. A friend of mine recommended that I try using Black Pearl Sealcoating this time. I’d say he was spot on with his recommendation, and for two major reasons: punctuality and quality. Timing is everything with my business. If I close my lot for work to be done at a certain time, the contractor had better be there on time to do the work. Also, the appearance of my building is an extremely important part of my doing business. I don’t mind paying extra to receive a job well done. I have to say that Black Pearl Sealcoating came through for me on both counts. The crew was there and ready to work right on time, and the thoroughness they displayed in completing the job was top notch. Once again, my parking lot has that clean and manicured look. Joe, I will definitely use your service again in the future. Thanks!
Richard B., Arlington Heights

Our church lot was recently sealcoated by Black Pearl Sealcoating. I was very impressed with the way this company represents itself. The estimator was very responsive with my questions, and the workers were very polite. They did an especially good job of removing the built up dirt in some of the bad spots and were quite thorough in removing weeks that were growing on the pavement. They also applied a heavy coat of sealer just as promised. I am very pleased with the finished product.

Albert H, Bensenville
We’ve recommended Black Pearl Sealcoating to all our friends and family. We appreciate working with this company as much for their responsiveness and willingness to return our phone calls as for their workmanship and attention to detail.
Melanie G, Medinah
Joe, thanks to you and your crew! You guys just finished sealcoating my driveway and now I have the best looking driveway on our street. Great work again on cleaning out and filling the cracks. What a difference!
Sam V., Prospect Heights
My experience with Black Pearl Sealcoating was a very positive one. Neil was courteous and friendly, and his work was neat and professional looking. I highly recommend them.
Perry D, Palatine
I saw Black Pearl working in my neighborhood a few times so I decided to give them a call. I was very pleased with their work and the overall customer service they brought to the job.
Ken L., Wood Dale

We have a brick linked driveway that we recently had sealcoated by Black Pearl Sealcoating. We had bad experiences with 2 other companies splashing the bricks in the past. Therefore, my husband was very particular with them this time around in explaining how important tidiness is around the edges. I am happy to say that their finished work was absolutely what we were hoping for. The material meets our brick line evenly and not a single speck spilled anywhere. Thanks, Mike and Neil! You’ve just picked up a new customer for good!

Lisa K, Oakbrook
I enjoy watching people at work in their craft. I must say these guys really have it down to a science. From the moment they pulled up, each member of the crew went right to work, each at his own task, working efficiently with one another and setting each other up. One of the guys introduced himself to me and explained the process to me while the other 2 guys got right down to it. It seemed like it took a matter of minutes before my driveway was transformed once again into a smooth and shiny slab. These guys are pros!
Jimmy O, Addison
Joe and Mike are great to work with. Unlike other companies, they actually return phone calls! I didn’t feel at all like an anonymous customer with them. Their rate was also better than the company I used to use. Better service, better price. It’s a no brainer for me.
Shawn T., Elmhurst

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