Sealcoating Oakbrook IL

Sealcoating Oakbrook IL

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Prolong the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Driveway with Affordable Sealcoating Oakbrook IL

Sealcoating is the application of a protective layering over your asphalt driveway or business parking lot. It’s an effective way of shielding it against the harsh weather elements we experience here in Illinois. Benefits of our expert sealcoating process includes:

Prevention of expensive asphalt repairs. Without sealcoat, your driveway is totally vulnerable to the elements 24/7. Consequently, damage like cracks, fading, crumbling and potholes inevitably develop. That can get expensive to fix. Certainly, by not containing the damage you might need to replace the driveway or lot much sooner than you thought. Sealcoating Oakbrook IL is the solution for avoiding that expensive situation.

Protection against the freeze/thaw Cycle. Likewise with many other aspects of homeownership, water causes problems. During the winter, when snow falls, melts and falls again, this is particularly a problem. Water seeps down into the asphalt’s cracks and freezes. Next, this frozen water will expand and cause the cracks to get worse. Sealcoating Oakbrook IL stops this from occurring because it seals the cracks to keep moisture out.

Protection against the effects of sunshine. Like water, the sun’s UV rays can inflict damage to your asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating helps to fill in the tiny voids on your driveway’s surface to protect it against the sun’s relentless drying effect. Sealcoating helps prevent gas and oil damage. Asphalt is, naturally, a petroleum product. When motor vehicle fluids such as oil and gas leak onto it, the result can be cracks and breakage.

Black Pearl Sealcoating is a leading provider of professional solutions for asphalt surfaces. We serve our esidential and commercial customers in Chicagoland with excellent service and results that last. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate today at 630-479-8616.