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Sealcoating for Driveways Addison IL

Sealcoating for Driveways Addison IL

Proper, consistent application of sealcoating can prevent the elements from causing your driveway to deteriorate and prolong its life. In comparison to other options for pavement care like asphalt overlays and crack-sealing, sealcoating presents a convenient, minimally disruptive and most cost-efficient step homeowners can take for their pavement. The advantages of Sealcoating for Driveways Addison IL include:

-Stops water intrusion from occurring under the surface. Because most sealants contain a type of aggregate, it fills the minor cracks that are a common early symptom of aging asphalt. By filling in those cracks, it reduces the likelihood that rainwater will make its way under the surface of the asphalt pavement. The longer that moisture is kept at bay, the longer the pavement lasts.

-Slows the effects of oxidation. While you won’t be able to completely stop oxidation – which is deterioration of the asphalt’s binder from exposure to sun and air – regular Sealcoating for Driveways Addison IL slows it down. Oxidation is what causes pavement to get brittle and become prone to cracks. Applying sealant to the pavement’s surface adds a protective layer over the top of the binder.

-Protects the asphalt’s binding agent from motor oil and gasoline. Since asphalt is a petroleum-based product, any type of petroleum-based liquids that leak on it will basically merge with the binding agent. Consequently, that softens the asphalt, which increases the risk of even faster and more extensive deterioration of the pavement. If you have ever noticed the black marks near the blocks in parking areas – oil spots – then you’ve noticed the damage that leaks can do. Sealcoating for Driveways Addison IL protects your pavement against leaks.

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