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Driveway Sealer Companies Near Me Arlington Heights IL

Driveway Sealer Companies Near Me Arlington Heights IL

There are lots of advantages to sealcoating your driveway or other asphalt parking areas. Consider the sealcoating process as a preventive measure for your surfaces, similar to painting your home to protect its exterior structure against the harsh elements of the weather. Sealcoating fills in smaller cracks to prevent them from spreading into larger ones that allow water to seep downward into the base materials. The dark color of freshly applied sealant improves the look of older asphalt, instantly restoring the appearance of your driveway. Sealcoating, when applied properly makes asphalt driveways look much cleaner and newer because rainwater washes away debris and dirt easily from the non-porous, smooth surface.

Another advantage to sealcoating is it helps shield the asphalt against the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as the negative impact of chemical spills like oil and gas, both of which are common occurrences on driveways and parking areas. Asphalt sealcoating effectively fills in surface gaps to reduce oxygen exposure. Sealcoat is a product that functions as a waterproof agent, which minimizes the pace at which moisture seeps into asphalt. This is essential, particularly in cold climates like Illinois, to prevent damage from thaw/freeze cycles. Sealcoating results in an appealing black surface that’s ideal for applying lines and traffic markers for parking areas. The qualities of sealcoat help to draw heat from sunlight. The warmer the sealcoat on the asphalt becomes, the more pliable it gets. That’s what helps it withstand vehicle traffic so well regardless of weather conditions.

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Sealcoating helps to prevent the erosion and oxidation of the topmost layer and also replaces missing particles to restore structural integrity. It is also resistant to gas, motor oil, ice melting salt, diesel fuel and other chemicals that can penetrate the surface and break down the binding properties between the asphalt and the aggregate.