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Blacktop Sealing Near Me Arlington Heights IL

Blacktop Sealing Near Me Arlington Heights IL

Sealcoating is basically a thin layer of liquid applied to paved surfaces. The purpose is to provide protection against damaging rain, ice, the sun’s UV rays and motor vehicle fluids. Sealcoating is not a remedy for existing problems like cracks and potholes, but it does help to prevent them from developing. Aside from those preventive benefits, proper application of Blacktop Sealing Near Me Arlington Heights IL is essential for extending the lifespan of asphalt surfaces.

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The affordability of our regular asphalt sealcoating services can help save money over the long term. A well-maintained and professionally sealed blacktop surface provides an extended lifespan and reduces repair expenses too.
With 24/7 exposure to weather conditions, asphalt pavements over time become faded in their appearance. A new application of the quality sealcoat products we use restores the asphalt to a deep black, which makes it look and function like new.

Another benefit to sealcoating is that it speeds up the melting of ice and snow on paved surfaces. That provides valuable protection against rain, frost and water penetration. To correctly finish the sealcoating procedure, it’s recommended that the pavement and air temperature should be a minimum of 55 degrees for the application and for another 8 hours afterwards.

Prior to sealing pavement, it’s important to clear the surface of all debris and dirt. Additionally, flaws like cracks and potholes should be filled in when possible.

When it comes to keeping your asphalt surfaces functional, smooth and looking good, consider our sealcoating services. Get in touch with Black Pearl today to schedule a free estimate on your next asphalt project at 630-479-8616.