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When Should Your Asphalt Schaumburg IL Parking Lot Be Sealcoated?

Asphalt Schaumburg IL

Understanding when to contact Black Pearl for professional sealcoating is critical for the care and longevity of your Asphalt Schaumburg IL paved parking lots and driveways. A few points to keep in mind:

When was your asphalt lot or driveway first installed? Typically the optimal time for sealcoating is when the asphalt is approximately a year to 18 months old. This in many cases is when deterioration can begin to show on the top layer. It’s generally advised in our industry that sealcoat should be applied every two to five years, based largely on how frequently the parking lot is used. This maintains the surface of the asphalt and helps prevent the need for frequent repairs down the road.

Even if your lot is more than a year or two old, it still might not call for sealcoating yet. At Black Pearl, our experienced staff will evaluate your lot to identify the degree of deterioration that’s occurred and provide an Asphalt Schaumburg IL maintenance schedule to serve your needs.

When your lot is subject to high traffic volume, wear and tear takes place naturally even if you practice routine maintenance. Temperature swings, road salt, heavy rains and vehicles all result in gradual but steady surface damages. If you’re seeing cracks and fading color on your asphalt lot it is a sign that it is probably due for sealcoating and/or crack repair.

When’s the Best Time for Sealcoating?
Sealcoating requires ample time to dry properly so it can bond effectively to the asphalt and form its protective layer. Typically a good time to schedule sealcoating is in the spring or summer months.

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