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Asphalt Prospect Heights IL

To get a clear picture of whether your Asphalt Prospect Heights IL surfaces are due for sealcoating, it helps to begin with a few standard questions:

What’s the age of your driveway or parking surface? If your property’s asphalt has not been sealed or received any upkeep in more than a couple years, consider booking a free estimate with Black Pearl Sealcoating. Note than simply because asphalt may be a few years old doesn’t necessarily mean it is overdue for sealcoating. There are additional factors to be considered too when assessing the condition of paved driveways and parking areas.

Quality Asphalt Prospect Heights IL

When was sealcoating last applied to your Asphalt surfaces? If your asphalt is more than a few years old, you’ll want to determine when it was last treated with professional sealcoating. It’s generally recommended that sealcoat is applied around every three to four years. This helps to preserve the condition of your asphalt while also preventing more costly fixes later on.

Are there visible signs of deterioration? Obviously, clear indications of surface level wear and tear are tell-tale signs that it is probably time for professional sealcoating soon. Even fairly minor cracks, rough patches and graying can be a strong indicator it is at least time to have some asphalt maintenance.

Simply because you are seeing these common signs doesn’t mean that you have not been taking adequate care of your driveway or parking area. Recall that asphalt surfaces – especially parking lots at busy commercial properties, business, schools or retail plazas – carry pretty heavy traffic loads and are also subject to the elements, which can be particularly harsh here in Illinois.

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