Asphalt Itasca IL

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Welcome to Black Pearl Sealcoating. We are a leading provider of sealcoating, crack repair, line striping and other services that defends your asphalt surfaces from vehicle traffic and the constant exposure to the elements of weather we experience in Chicagoland.

Asphalt Itasca IL

The Effect of Rain, Snow and Ice on Asphalt Itasca IL

Moisture is among the worst aspects that can impact any asphalt surface. Asphalt is absorbent to moisture, so the longer that water collects and puddles on it, more and more water is simply absorbed. This results in damage to your parking lot, service road or residential driveway.

While many asphalt surfaces are designed to direct water away and into sewers or catch basins, no material is able to withstand consistent moisture indefinitely. The positive news is that sealcoating and regularly scheduled maintenance by the team at Black Pearl can help keep your Asphalt Wood Dale durable and looking good!

High Temperatures and Asphalt Itasca IL

Sustained periods of high temperatures can cause your asphalt driveway to heat up in some areas more than others, which can lead to cracks, faded color and soft spots that become unappealing potholes.

Because summer time in Chicagoland can get pretty warm, it means that your asphalt is vulnerable to the fluctuations of heat. Temperature swings cause a hard asphalt surface to curl, resulting in fractures on the surface.

The sun’s relentless UV rays are seriously damaging to asphalt. They can increase the rate at which asphalt deteriorates and weaken the binding components within the asphalt surface, causing the deep black color to fade to an unappealing gray. The most effective way to defend your Asphalt Itasca against the elements is by sealcoating at least once every one or two years and with preventive maintenance.