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Asphalt Elk Grove Village IL

Asphalt Elk Grove Village IL – Does Your Asphalt Parking Lot Need Sealcoating?

Parking lot upkeep is critical for keeping your Asphalt Elk Grove Village IL parking lot or driveway in good shape and extending its service life. Your asphalt surfaces are subject to continual vehicle traffic and weather conditions that over time result in damages that must be resolved. Sealcoating by the expert team at Black Pearl will protect your asphalt and make it more durable.

Sealcoat is a blend of asphalt cement or coal-tar pitch with water and emulsifying agents. It is applied as over the surface of asphalt lots to act as a protective barrier. The sealcoating prevents damages from chemicals, rain, ice, road salt and from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This not only preserves structural strength but also maintains overall appearances too.

At Black Pearl, the method of sealant application is customized to your Asphalt Elk Grove specific needs.

How does sealcoating benefit your parking lot? Firstly, sealcoating helps to make your parking lot water resistant – preventing it from penetrating down into the asphalt and resulting in cracks as it freezes and then expands over and over during the cold weather months. It also helps asphalt surfaces resistant to gasoline, diesel, motor oil and other chemicals that may leak from vehicles.

Sealcoating results in a cosmetically appealing parking area, which is so important for any business. It also makes the surface more even and much easier to sweep clean and keep it free of waste and debris.

If you own or manage a parking lot and want to learn more about the many benefits of our sealcoating and other services, reach out to Black Pearl Sealcoating today at 630-479-8616 and schedule a free, no obligation estimate.