Asphalt Arlington Heights IL

Asphalt Arlington Heights IL – Some fast facts about the multiple benefits to Sealcoating and lot marking:

Sealcoating protects and extend lifespan expectancy of a parking area by sealing surface area gaps, which decreases exposure to oxygen and Ultra violet rays and lessens the depth that motor oil and gasoline can sink into the asphalt.

Asphalt Arlington Heights IL

Asphalt Arlington Heights IL

Over time, the surface of pavement oxidizes and becomes increasingly grayish and faded. Freshly applied Sealcoating adds refreshed color and sharper details – so the Asphalt Arlington Heights parking lot or driveway looks and functions much better.

Before Sealcoating, the surface should be cleaned of dirt and debris, cracks and potholes filled in and oil stains cleaned as well to promote better bonding of sealant to the asphalt surface.

The recommended air temperature is 55 degrees minimum.

There’s two regularly used methods of applying sealcoating to Asphalt Arlington Heights IL: squeegee and spray.

While Sealcoating is a fairly quick application, vehicle and pedestrian traffic are best kept off a recently sealed driveway or lot for no less than one to two days to enable sufficient cooling and dry time.

Professional line striping and lot marking is essential for two primary reasons – appearance and safety.

Striping over asphalt or sealant needs a water-based coating, while striping over concrete calls for chlorinated rubber paint for best adherence. Quite often, quick-set, acrylic waterborne is the better paint to apply for restriping; but, it should be applied at temps higher than 45 degrees.

Before proceeding with any parking lot marking treatments, make sure to confirm your surfaces are up to date with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications. As an example, parking lots typically should have a minimum amount of accessible lot spaces in accordance with the dimensions of the surface.

If your parking area doesn’t satisfy ADA’s standards reconfigure the suitable number of parking spaces by restriping or apply new lot markings to your Asphalt Arlington Heights.